BlowFab are rigid and reusable objects that are easy to make using inflation of plastic sheets. You can make a balloon by simply using masking tape and two plastic sheets that become soft and adhere when heated. The inner area of one plastic sheet is covered with masking tape to prevent the sheets from sticking. The outer edges without the tape will fuse by pressing the sheets together on a hot plate. The sheets become soft when heated and become hard when cooled down. Warm it up and inflate it to make your favorite shapes!


Preparation time: 10min
Process time: 45 min


  • Plastic sheet (PET (polyethylene terephthalate) sheet of 0.5~1.0mm thickness, PVC can also be used. However DO NOT cut PVC with a laser cutter since it will produce chlorine gas. Use a cutter instead.)
  • Cutting pattern printed on paper (pdf : blowfab)
  • Masking tape (0.083mm thickness)
  • Double-sided tape

Tools and Equipments

  • Hot plate
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • Spatula
  • Straw




Mask the plastic sheet with masking tape.


Tape the masked plastic sheet on to the pattern paper with double-sided tape. (Download the pattern data at the bottom of this site). The masked side should be facing up.

Cut the masking tape

Cut the masking tape along the inner red line of the pattern paper with a cutter.

Cut the plastic sheet

Cut the plastic sheet along the outer black line of the pattern paper with scissors.

Remove paper and tape

Peel off the pattern paper and the masking tape at the edge of the plastic sheet. Leave the masking tape in the middle area.

Make another plastic sheet

Tape another plastic sheet without masking tape on to the pattern paper. Cut the plastic sheet along the outer line of the pattern paper.

Ready for heating

Mask the hot plate with masking tape. (Without it, the plastic sheet may stick when warming it up.) Heat up to 180℃.


Now, it is heating time. Wear the heat resistant gloves. Stack the sheets together with the masked side facing inward and insert a straw between the sheets. Heat the sheets while pressing them with a spatula. Flip it over and warm both sides.


Blow air through the straw and inflate the balloon!

Cool down

It will harden when it cools down.


Reheat it on the hot plate. It will become flat again.


By changing the patterns, you can make various shapes!


Downloadable Data

More Informations




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