Acrylic Mold with Laser Cutter


Basic tutorial for making acrylic molds with a laser cutter.


Preparation time: 30 min
Process time: 1 hr


  • Acrylic sheet (thickness 2mm, 4mm, 5mm)
  • Acrylic glue
  • bottle
  • needle

Tools and Equipments

  • Laser Cutter



Design Mold

Design a mold using software. In this case, we used adobe Ai and saved as PDF.
Download file here (t means thickness of acrylic sheet) : 20171110_rabbit

Laser Cutting

Insert acrylic sheet. Fit the sheet to upper left. Move the file to Laser Cutter and set Laser preferences. Cut the acrylic sheet with the laser cutter. Take out the acrylic sheets. Cut another thickness of acrylic sheet.

Prepare Bonding

Here are acrylic sheets cut with Laser Cutter. We will make 2 sets of molds. (Set 1 : A+C+E+F, Set 2 : B+D)

Acrylic Glue

Transfer some acrylic glue to the applicator bottle.

Set 1 (part E + C)

Put part E and part C. Align the position of acrylic part.


Fit the together tight. Use the needle to put the glue into the gap between the acrylic sheets. Hold it tightly for a few seconds. Add more glue if it looks not enough.

Set 1 (part E + C + A)

Put part C and E on part A. Align the position of acrylic part. Put the glue into the gap.

Set 1 (part E + C + A + F)

Add an inner part F to allow air flow. Put part F on part E+C+A.

Set 2 (part D + B)

Put part D on part B.


Put the glue into the gap.


The molds are done!




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